The Real Death Valley! – Clemson Memorial Stadium or Tiger Stadium (LSU)?

The Pickaroo Team headed to South Crackalaky, Clemson, South Carolina to promote the Roo and catch the very exciting Auburn v. Clemson matchup. If you came by the tent, thank you, we look forward to reading about your LOCKS! If not, no worries you can catch us on down the road at SMU v. TCU, FLA v. LSU, or at the worlds largest cocktail party.


I have been to Clemson Memorial Stadium a/k/a DEATH VALLEY a handful of times and I must say it is one of the best venues to go watch a football game. The fans are cheerful, spirited, very well informed about their team and their opponent, and very graceful in victory and defeat.


When walking into Death Valley, I couldn’t help but wonder why this stadium bears the same name as LSU’s stadium. At one point in Fourth Quarter, prior to a key pickskie by the pesky Clemson Defense, the crowd was so loud I could barely hear my brother cheering next to me. Then it occurred to me that I had grown up knowing LSU stadium as deaf valley, so where did this change occur and what stadium is considered the Real Death Valley? Each fan will tell you that their stadium is the real Death Valley, but this is what I found on the interwebs and in conversations with fans on both side of the their respective tiger’s tale:

Although LSU’s Tiger Stadium was constructed nearly 20 years earlier than Clemson Memorial Stadium, the “Death Valley” nickname was first applied to Clemson’s Memorial Stadium in reference to Howard’s Rock, which was plucked for the dessert sands of the actual Death Valley in California.


LSU’s use of the nickname came along quite by accident, according to a poll of a few LSU fans (although it was hard to get them to cause anything of this magnitude with respect to their program an accident). In a tongue-in-cheek reference to Clemson Memorial’s nickname, LSU supporters began referring to their stadium as “Deaf Valley”, due to the magnificent volume levels produced within.


Unfortunately, this creativity was lost on television commentators, newspaper men, and, yep, a lot of us football fans alike, and after years of incorrectly referring to both as “Death Valley”, the nickname stuck in Baton Rouge as well.


After talking intensely to fans of both schools, Tiger fans (collectively) are equally passionate about their stadium being called “Death Valley.” Not to menation equally passionate about telling me that each other’s programs don’t have the spirt of theirs, respectively.  The good news, the Pickaroo Team will hit both stadiums this year, I let you know which I think is the real Death Valley after the FLA v. LSU game. Nevertheless, the Auburn game was a special game for Clemson, Tigers and probably their biggest win in decades. Congrats to the Clemson faithful, thanks for the wonderful experience, and keep your DEATH VALLEY ROCKING!

19th September 2011 04:09
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